Re-Styled Best Agers for 2017

The older generation fashion market is very big and is not being explored by stores or fashion groups.  Guidance and inspiration is needed by this age group, they have the time and money for shopping but have not realised the fashion possibilities yet. Sometimes I wear H&M clothes and look as good in them as the younger guys, but there is no advertising for my age group. 

An interesting, quirky and dynamic man, older man. With diverse attitudes, lifestyles, loves and looks and being identified as interesting and different. A figure that the consumers would respond to and identify themselves with, an example of what they could look like. What`s needed is a Re-Styled Best Agers product Brand guide, so helping this generation to other fashion ideas and increase markets sales. 
I hope you find that I fit into this category and that I would become a your Brand Model.
Best Ager Commercial Model - jim sullivan  - photos