My History 

I was born in and grew up in London. As a young man I travelled most of the middle east as a professional musician, playing clarinet, baritone and alto saxophones. I played most types of music from jazz, big band through to classical. As a teenager I had my own jazz band and played in some of the most renowned clubs in London.

Later I worked for David Judd in his graphic design studio in London, David was at that time the leading graphic designer in the country.  I had daily contact with all the leading advertising agencies in London.Then I worked for Terence Conran, founder of the famous Habitat stores. Both of these talented designers were leaders in the design world of graphic, furniture and textile design.


In London I performed as an actor in theaters and made many commercial and fashion photoshootings. For a time I ran a very large discoteque in Greece. Now I live in Switzerland and  have my own creative studio, now a re-discovered  Peoples `Best Age` commercial and fashion  photo model. I am available for all film, theater and modeling projects wherever they take place, 


I used to produce abstract digital visuals for VJ's, DJ's, groups, events etc. My work has been used by DJ`s all over the world also on the Queen Mary in New York. I collaborated with recording companies, musicians and groups producing visuals to their music.


I hope I may have the pleasure of producing or performing  for you one day.