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0041(0)76 3344613

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My Team

Just me, supporting artists, musicians, recording companies, technicians and my good friend Peter Hossfeld and his studio VCS Production GMBH in Duebendorf  Switzerland.  http://www.vcs.ch/vcs/en/


jim sullivan 

Tel: 0041 (0)55 2803021

Email: jim@tele2.ch

Skype - jimabstract

Music from;

Desyfer-         tactalhotmusic@gmail.com 


Nattefrost-      http://www.nattefrost.dk


DCE Canada


Black Hole Recording - 3 titles


TonySilvers -   footfetish Records


Derek Pitral -    Holland 


Morgans -        Stosh Records 


RonSpeers -     France 


Mike Richards - Dreamaffairs Events/Labels/Booking  


Themadmixer  - USA 


Mark Morris -    Reloading Records  


John Stanford - Australia 


Satori -           RiseupRecords


Mickiyagi -       junkDNA Records


ffi:Rong -         London 


and many more.