I speak English & German

60`s in London, my first car MG TD 52

Commercial Photo Model - A re-Discovered Best Ager - English and German speaking humorous Londoner now living in Zurich, with wide commercial photo and fashion model experience. Also in film and theater as actor. A charismatic man with lots of energy, humor,charm and personality. Available on all locations.


English und Deutsch sprechender Mann. Ein wieder entdeckte  Best Ager Photo Model mit Charme, Persoenlichkeit, Humor und viel Energie. Umfangreiche Erfahrung in Film und Theater und  als Darsteller/Schauspieler, Fashion und Commercial Photo Model.


Me - what characters can I represent with my natural acting talent?

Sophisticated & Elegant Gentleman, Typical Client or Customer,  Doctor, Modern Grandad, Dressman, Fashion Model, Professor, Fisherman, Dreamer, Sad Man, Gangster, Crazy Guy with lots of Humor, and many more faces and characters......... 

photos by simone becchetti - Italy

 Height-182cm. Hair Color- Salt & Pepper.  Eyes -Blue.  Suit-52. Jeans-34. Shoes-43.

 Body 101/98/101. Kragen-42.  Hat-58.

 Always Available - See Booking for contact info.

 I live in Zurich but model everywhere. 

 Wohnhaft in Zurich model ueberall,

photo shooting 2016  by Katarzyna Skowronek - Poland

He said  ` it`s nice to have a friend like you`

Prosenectute Shooting 2015

Feelings  -  Street Photo Session by Dominik Sigrist Zurich Dec 2015

(I don`t smoke)!

street photo shooting zurich - `Jim doesn`t smoke`!

photo shooting 2016 by michael shepherd - basel

`Saying Goodbye`

actor / narrator - jim sullivan

film / DOP/Editor - marion bangerter Sept 2015


Photo Shooting by Simone Becchetti Sept 2015 - Milan Italy

Photos by Alex Mitschink Sept 2015- Berlin

Frame shots taken from film by AlixDupres, Zurich Dec 2015

                      Photos by Vera Ley Waedenswil `Mafioso` shooting June 2015 Zurich.

                                           Best  Ager Models  mirjana@Visage &  jim sullivan

Best ager models mirjana@Visage & jim sullivan. 30`s Photoshooting by Heike Witzgal June.2015 Zurich

`TOP TEN`  (from 220) Zurich Film Festival zff72 - short film competition Sept 2015 

Film Art Director & Production by Veky Amaut. Regie Renato Auer. Actor jim sullivan.

Photoshooting by Peter Hossfeld Zurich 2015

Photoshooting by Shpend F.Salihu -Zurich 

Photoshooting by Peter Hossfeld - 2015


PHOTOSHOOTING Polaroids 2014

by Eduard Rohner.

Theater Performances.

`Warten auf die Barbaren` by Dominic Huber. Zurich, Basel, Berlin, Chur.

`Joyland` by Dominic Huber. Neumarkt Theater Zurich Jan/March 2014 


Film Work 2014

Website Filming / `Talent Booster` Showman & solo dancing - Boyan Ambroz Film Producer.

`From Kid` Main rolle dancer in music video - Franco Jilli Film Producer

Film Work 2015  

                                  Zurich short film competition. 10th position Production                                                                                 VekyAmaut.Hauptrolle.

                                 `Goodbye Walter` Emotional film from MarionBangerter. Hauptrolle.                                                            2016 - Film `99bpm` by DS Solutions. Main role as mentor for a young dancer.


                                 Fotoshootings 2015

                                 Sehr viel und diverse.Zurich,.Barcelona,Hamburg,Singapore. 

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Knackeboul Music Video - 3 Alte Rapper.  Production JOIZ TV Zurich.


Fashion Show TECHNOPARK Zurich Nov.2013

Knacherbuehle JoizTV Rapper Video 2013

Swiss Hotels Film Awards

Film Frame`AllesImGriff` SwissFilmAwards
Film Frame`AllesImGriff` SwissFilmAwards
Film Frame `AllesImGriff`SwissFilmAwards
Film Frame `AllesImGriff`SwissFilmAwards


`Barbaren` Theater Installation Spiel from DominicHuber. Zurich,Basel,Berlin,Chur.

`Barbaren` Zurich, Basel, Berlin Theaters
`Barbaren` Zurich, Basel, Berlin Theaters